Commercial Finance

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What is Commercial Finance?

Funding for property developments and commercial purposes is still very much available in the current market. Finding it can be a challenge.

A commercial mortgage is in principle like a residential one. In both cases the lender will assess the applicant to ensure they have the means to repay the property loan and evaluate the security offered to ensure they can to repay their debt should it come to repossession.

The two key differences are:
• A commercial mortgage can be taken out in the name of a business or commercial property investor and is based on both the business of their tenants and the income of the borrower being able to maintain the commitment,
• The security offered will either be used in it’s entirety for commercial business or contain a mixture of commercial and residential use.

Commercial Mortgage Brokers

We can source competitive rates from across the market. We have built relationships with specialist mortgage lenders who do not have a presence on the high street to secure finance where others cannot.

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