March 22, 2022
Russell Braiden

Build to Rent

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Buy to Rent Investment

Looking to build your property portfolio? Could the build-to-rent market be for you?

What is Build-to-Rent?

A build-to-rent property is the building and development of homes for rent, rather than for sale. Within the UK housing market this sector is growing remarkably to meet the increasing demand of quality rental homes. The younger generation and professional millennials are turning to renting as an alternative to traditional mortgages. The rental market and rental properties offer a more flexible, rewarding and affordable lifestyle.

Build-to-rent developments usually consist of at least 50 homes, which are owned and managed by one landlord with their own dedicated on-site management team. These residential properties are designed and purpose build to appeal to renters, the private rental sector and those seeking short-term home ownership.

Why are Individuals Looking to Build-to-Rent properties?

Build-to-rent developments offer an enhanced living experience to tenants, a factor that contributes to the popularity of this market.

  • These developments offer affordable housing and tend to provide long-term tenancies with predictable rental rates - often located in larger towns and cities with good transport links.
  • The generous communal facilities built within these developments allows residents to enjoy communal facilities such as gyms, roof terraces, lounges and social activities.
  • Tenants benefit from the safety and security of having property management staff on-site who offer 24/7 support and security.
  • Build-to-rent developments also typically provide additional services such as superfast broadband, dry cleaning, car hire, bike parking, childcare and helpful concierges.
Lifestyles of Prospective Renters'

The investment gains to be made from build-to-rent development investments is hugely based on the location and the amenities the local area provides - such as access to jobs, infrastructures and services. Designed and purpose built specifically for the rental community and their lifestyles, investors should prioritise the provision of green spaces, walking and cycling routes, a strong local community with diverse retail facilities and transport links.

Build-to-rent homes appeal to renters for their long term tenancies of over three years - with no upfront fees involved other than the initial deposits and rent paid in advance. Tenants benefit from having one private landlord responsible for the operation and management of the development - making it more convenient for tenants to get in contact with their landlord, allowing for any issues to be resolved quickly.

Transparent Mortgage Services

Could it be time for you to grow your property portfolio with a build-rent scheme? Transparent Mortgage Services can advise you on the best mortgage products available to meet the requirements of your property investment. We can help - whether you are a first time landlord or a property investor with a large property portfolio in the private rented sector. Get in contact with our team today and we can review your options! Email us at or telephone 01424 444 597.

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