November 10, 2021
Russell Braiden

Moving Home Checklist

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Handy Moving House Checklist

What should you do in the weeks before moving to a new home?

Moving home can be one of the most stressful life events but careful planning can make the whole experience a little less daunting! You can break down all that goes into this big day in the weeks and months leading up to your moving day.

The key points to remember are:

  • Make sure you have everything covered in advanced
  • Stay organised
  • Keep on top of your to-do list with our moving house checklist

1. Book Your Removals Company or Transport

When you're moving the first step on your checklist will be booking your moving company or transport. You need to ensure there is availability for your moving date, whether you are choosing to move with a professional removal company or with the help of friends and family. Get this booked in and organised well in advance. Remember you also need packing supplies and boxes. Shop for these before or leave time to source leftover boxes from local stores for a more sustainable option.

2. Enrol at Your Local School

If you are a parent or carer you will need to know the schooling options in your new area. Most schools require you to have your child enrolled at least six weeks in advance of them starting. Begin looking at new schools to find one suitable and get them enrolled. Nurseries and other childcare facilities can be more flexible but popular choices that you won’t want to miss out on could have a waiting list.

3. Arrange Contents Insurance

Your mortgage provider will have required your buildings home insurance in advance so this should already be in place, however you may have not arranged insurance for contents at the same time. You can do this now! An important note to remember is your possessions could get lost or damaged within your home move, you might want to find a policy to cover this too.

4. Call Your Gas and Electricity Suppliers

Now could be an opportunity for you to shop around for an energy deal for your new house. If you want to stay with your current suppliers they may be able to move your account to your new address. Sometimes you will have to close your current open account and register a new one once you are at your new property. On moving day make sure you note down your final gas and electricity meter readings so you can settle your bill and contact your utility company with these details.

5. Update Your Water Supplier

Depending on how far you are moving you might need to change water suppliers as water companies are regional. If you are within the same region you will be staying with your current supplier and you will only have to notify them of your change of address and make sure your bill is paid. However, if you are changing you will have to contact the new supplier and update your current supplier. 

6. Planning on Moving your Phone, TV or Broadband Contracts?

Always try to give your current providers plenty of notice before your move so that you have no waiting once you are all moved in. You will need to leave time to shop for new deals if you plan to change your service providers, or if the existing services do not offer coverage at your new property.

7. Closing Your Council Tax Account

To close this account, notify your local council to confirm your moving date. If you have paid in advance you will receive a refund or you may have to settle a final bill. 

8. Essential Furniture

Some may see this as the fun part but it is also one of the most important. Make sure the essentials like new beds, curtains and your fridge are ordered prior. Furniture can have long wait times - you do not want to get to your new home and have no bed to sleep in or a sofa to lay on. 

9. Redirect and Manage Your Mail

Set up a Royal Mail redirection service to have your post forwarded to your new address. When it comes to your important mail make sure you notify the senders with an update of your address. You want to ensure you receive your mail from your employer, your bank and other important financial services. Keep an eye out on your post in the months leading up to your move incase of any providers you have forgotten about, this makes it easier to keep track of what, and who, you need to update. You also need to update your details on your driving licence as well as for your vehicle registration.

10. Arranging Parking Permits

Before you move, check to see if any parking permits are needed for your new home. It's best to arrange any parking permits in the weeks prior to your move to allow for any waits and delays.

11. Keep the Essentials Separate 

After you've moved there will be some items you will want immediate access to without trailing through every box you have packed. Once you start packing, keep the essentials separate like anything you would take for an overnight trip - a change of clothes, fresh towels and important documents and essential medications. You may also want a couple of home comforts: keep a pair of mugs with tea and coffee out of your main packing, along with some snacks and don’t forget the toilet paper.

One last thing to complete your checklist - reward yourself for all your hard work by packing a bottle of champagne to celebrate being in your new home with your family members!

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