September 20, 2022
Matthew Fairy

Top Tips for Selling Your Home this Winter

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Top Tips for Selling Your Home this Winter

Are you considering selling your home this winter but concerned about the time of year? It may not be the best time to sell, but with our top tips, your home will be ready for a winter sale in no time.

First things first – During the winter months people can be more reluctant to view numerous properties so it’s essential your property looks great online. Make sure the photos of your home are high quality and showcase your property to its full potential.

Price is key – Whilst the property market has soared recently, it’s still important, especially over winter, that you price your home appropriately, otherwise buyers may just walk away.

Viewing ready – Having your property ready for viewings is key. Set some time aside to address anything that needs sorting before your viewings start to give your property the best chance of impressing prospective buyers.

Make a Great First Impression

Kerb appeal is an important element when selling your home. Your home should look approachable and welcoming, so it’s important to consider the exterior of your home and not just the interior.

Maintaining your front garden is a great place to start, removing any clutter, checking any lights, and tidying up the garden so that it looks inviting. Simple things like checking flower beds and removing any dead or dwindling shrubs help make a garden look cared for.

With the evenings drawing in you are likely to have some viewings after dark so outdoor lighting is key. It will help create the first impression of your home as prospective buyers approach. It’s a good idea to check your external lights and why not try adding lighting leading up to your door. This creates a nice touch as a dark pathway can be very off-putting. Decorative outdoor lighting is also a great way of creating a warm and friendly ambience for your garden.

Declutter Your Home

There is nothing more off-putting than a cluttered home as it gives the illusion of less space. Prospective buyers will look around your home and try to envisage themselves living there, so start by focusing on individual rooms that are more cluttered and make space.

First Impressions DO Count

There are certain DIY jobs that have more of an impact than others. Using neutral colours to spruce up your kitchen with whites and greys is a great place to start. Changing or painting your door is another way of creating a good first impression. Replacing cracked or broken tiles and refreshing grouting can also create a fresher look for your home.

Highlight Your Best Features

You don’t need to completely overhaul your home to create a cosy and welcoming feel, your home’s lighting can help achieve this. Not only creating a welcoming atmosphere, lighting can also help highlight your homes best features.

Adding plants and flowers whilst warming up your space with rugs and textiles and adding texture with curtains are some of the more affordable ways to improve your home’s first impression. Finish by adding an inviting aroma with a spicy scent of winter fragrance to add to that cosy, homely feel.

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