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Transparent Mortgage Services are a team of experienced mortgage brokers and Buy-to-Let mortgage specialists. Our helpful team offer reliable advice and search the UK mortgage market to find the best mortgage deal for your circumstances. TMS are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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Buy to Let Mortgage Brokers in Hove

Welcome to Transparent Mortgage Services, we are a dedicated team of highly experienced mortgage advisors. We offer specialist advice on all types of mortgage products and are experts in Buy-to-Let mortgages. We will search the entire UK mortgage market to find the right mortgage deal for your requirements with the most competitive rates. Our team are passionate about offering helpful and unbiased mortgage advice in the most simplest ways possible.

What is Buy to Let?

Buying a property with the intention of it being rented out to tenants is a buy to let property. If you are a private landlord there is the potential to make a great amount of money as a buy to let property investor. However, this process isn't without its risks. Ensure you appropriately plan before you move forward with this investment. You will need to evaluate the potential profit against the costs. We recommended that you speak with a tax professional and seek reliable advice before you proceed with a buy to let investment.

Specialist Mortgage Advisors

In the UK the rental demand is continually increasing. As house prices remain on a rise, leading to first time buyers having difficulty making a move onto the property ladder, it doesn't look like the this rental market surge will experience a slump anytime soon.

As a team of knowledgeable independent mortgage brokers we are here to offer helpful advice if you are thinking about the prospect of purchasing or remortgaging a buy to let. Being independent advisors we have access to the entire mortgage market in the UK without any restrictions. This allows us to search the market to find the right mortgage product fit for your situation. Before we proceed with our market research we will organise an initial meeting with you, in person, via Zoom or even over email. Once we have our findings your dedicated mortgage broker will present them within a mortgage proposal which will outline all the necessary details and should answer any of your questions.

We will take care of any paperwork throughout the mortgage process and keep you updated with any developments in your application. Contact us today to book in your free consultation.

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Hove Buy to Let Mortgages

How is a Buy-to-Let Mortgage Different?

Rent Potential – A mortgage provider will make the decision on whether a deal will be offered to you mainly on the basis of how much rental yield is likely to be made from your investment. Most will also take into account your regular income but in some cases this may not be a factor at all. This depends on the mortgage deal.

Interest Rate – Buy to let mortgages will have higher interest rates compared to regular home buying mortgages. This is a factor that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a buy-to-let as this will mean you will face higher repayment rates.

Larger Deposit – Buy-to-lets require a higher deposit, this will usually be a minimum of 20% to 25% of the property's value.

Tax implications – Residential property investments carry a stamp duty land tax surplus charge of 3%. We encourage you seek professional tax advice before proceeding with an investment.

Before you purchase a second property with the intention of letting it out, you need to make the decision whether your main goal is to increase capital growth or earn income. This decision will be based on whether you intend to make a profit from equity as your property's value increases overtime or whether you aim to make a profit each month. This choice will usually dictate the type of property your purchase and the location.

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