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Welcome to Transparent Mortgage Services

If you are looking for independent mortgage brokers, who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and provide services to clients across Seaford and surrounding areas, Transparent Mortgage Services are at your service! We are independent, which means that we can look at the entire UK mortgage market to find the perfect product for you.

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Independent Mortgage Brokers in Seaford

Welcome to Transparent Mortgage Services.

We have a friendly team of professional mortgage advisers who will provide you with expert mortgage advice, explained in a way that you can understand. We prioritise your needs and we will give you superb customer care, whilst giving you the advice you need for your situation.

We will provide you with a dedicated mortgage broker, who will spend time discussing your requirements and finances with you, so that we can get an outline of your situation. Following this, we will have the information we need to find the most suitable mortgage choices for you. We provide consultation in person, by email, on phone or virtually, so we can work around what works best for you.

We take pride in offering a flexible service and have meetings slots available outside of the typical 9-5 timeframe as we know many of our clients work full time. When you work with us, we will ensure that a member of our team will keep you updated throughout the process, so that you are always aware of what's going on and feel fully informed.

Why Should You Work With Us?

At, Transparent Mortgage Services, we are independent mortgages brokers, who are regulated by the FCA. We will investigate the entire UK mortgage market to find you the most competitive deals from lenders throughout the UK. We don't have the same restrictions as lenders on the high street, so that means we can look at every option for you and provide you with the best mortgage solution. When we have investigated your needs and found the best deal for you, a member of our team will send you your mortgage proposal, which should also answer any questions that you may have. When you have approved the proposal, we can then begin the application on your behalf. You can arrange a FREE mortgage consultation with one of our brokers today!

We have created an easy process, with expert advice
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Speak to a friendly, expert Mortgage Adviser about your unique mortgage needs.

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Your Adviser will complete your application, liaise with the lender and you, keep you informed until completion.

Competitive Mortgages

If you're getting your first mortgage, or have bought many homes and want to remortgage, we can give you mortgage advice that works for you. We can search the market for a range of mortgage products, including:

First Time Buyer Mortgage: Are you planning on buying your first home and looking for a mortgage? We know it can feel like a minefield when you aren't sure what you should be doing or how you should be doing it. Buying a home is also one of the biggest spends you'll probably ever make, so you need to have peace of mind that you're making the right choice.  We will make the mortgage application as easy as we can for you and make sure that you are fully informed with each step of the process. For your information: first time buyers need to have a deposit of at least 5% of the cost of the property that you’re buying. We will provide you with more information at your first meeting.

Buy to Let Mortgages: If you are thinking about buying a property to rent out to tenants, you will need to get a buy to let mortgage. Though purchasing a property can be a good investment, we would equally recommend that you consider what you can earn and how much maintenance will cost, to ensure that it's a good investment for you. We are experienced in buy to let mortgages and will find the best deal to suit you. Additionally, we have a lot of experiencing working with first-time landlords and experienced landlords alike and can help you deal with the problems that can come with investing in property.

Remortgaging: Remortgaging can be a good way to cut down your mortgage payments, to help you reduce some debts or to bring down the term of your repayment. It is also an option to benefit from your property's value and use the money to help with big events or to renovate your home.

High Net Worth Mortgages: If you have net assets that are valued at more than £3 million, or you have earnings that exceed more than £300,000 per year, then you are classified as having high net worth as per the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If you come under this bracket then lenders will tend to quite flexible with the amount they will offer you. We have plenty of experience dealing with high net worth mortgages and can find you the right one for your needs.

We also offer many other mortgage products, including Let to Buy, Holiday Lets, Shared Ownership and Interest Only. For more information on how we can help and what might be the best mortgage for you, contact us now and our mortgage advisors will help you find your ideal mortgage.

Mortgage Broker Seaford.

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